Improve your strength and movement in everyday activities.

Get back on track and functioning optimally with Long Life Therapeutics!

The saying that functional fitness training is for life, not events, nicely sums up our approach at Long Life Therapeutics. Instead of training you to build up a specific competitive edge—as in sports—we (re-)train your body to properly and comfortably perform routine activities such as walking, bending, lifting, standing, sitting and climbing stairs.


With an extensive knowledge and understanding of how the body moves and what happens over time to create dysfunction, we’ll coach you to better posture, balance, coordination, power and endurance so you can get back to being functionally fit and injury free.

Your training exercises will most likely involve safely using (&/or safely learning to use) fitness equipment such as:

  • Bosu balance ball

  • Dumbbells

  • Medicine balls

  • Bodyweight training

  • Physioballs (also called Swiss balls or exercise balls)

  • Resistance bands

We’ll create for you a personal action plan to establish goals in sync with your age, fitness level and needs. Working the plan in sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minutes, you’ll learn simple, safe movements and exercises. Each will be geared to progressively strengthening the smaller muscle groups that are essential to getting and keeping the body in alignment.

We’ll wrap up your training session with guidance to help you continue making progress between your visits with us. We will provide you with an at-home plan that includes balance exercises, stretches and advice on practicing proper posture and gait.

How soon will you be back on track and functioning optimally? Although you should start to notice results in a few short weeks, the speed and extent of your individual results will vary according to several factors. These include your starting fitness levels and goals; frequency, intensity and length of training sessions; and how much you practice at home.

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