Athletic Massage

Our top priority is keeping you injury-free and performing at the top of your game. 

Serious athletes demand a lot from their bodies—and Long Life Therapeutics understands!


Our goal and our passion is helping our athletic clients perform their best through improved conditioning, faster muscle recovery, and injury prevention.


We have over 20 years of experience in helping elite, professional and team-sports/extreme-sports athletes of all ages reach their training and performance goals.

Drawing on a vast knowledge of how the body functions under such conditions and impacts, our specific modalities are designed to:

•        Reduce muscle tension

•        Increase range of motion and       


•        Aid in faster muscle recovery

•        Improve soft-tissue function

•        Decrease muscle tightness and

          fatigue after training

•        Decrease delayed onset muscle- 


•        Reduce inflammation

We tailor our therapeutic approach to each athlete’s individual needs and/or particular sport. During our initial consult with you, we'll review your medical history and make a bio-mechanic assessment of your gait, range of motion, and balance. This allows us to understand your goals and customize your treatment for the best results possible, using (but not limited to) these modalities:

•        Deep tissue massage

•        Trigger-point therapy

•        Hydrotherapy (cold/heat treatment)

•        PNF stretching techniques

•        Active-release therapy

•        Neuromuscular therapy

Our goal is to go above and beyond to provide you with the tools you need for a long athletic career. So in addition to your therapy session, you will walk away with guidance that’s specific to your needs, such as stretching protocols, how and when to ice, self-care tips and on-the-road advice.

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