Total Recovery Program

Our Total Recover Program uses a combination of Pilates and advance compound movements to help strengthen and move from your center of your body, enhance posture, alleviate chronic pain, and prevent injuries.


Our Total Recovery Program (TRP) is the perfect workout to help athletes and active adults increase their performance by helping align their bodies symmetrically, increase balance, agility, and flexibility.  Our TRP is for those looking to get back into the game of Life!



•Mat Pilates

•Increase Balance and Flexibility

•Foundational Movements to increase core strength


•Mat Pilates

•Compound more advanced movements

•Building on your foundational strength

•Increasing balance by adding compound movements


Mat Pilates

•The use of more advanced equipment

•Advanced compound movements

•Increased Balance and flexibility

•Movements to increase athletic recovery and injury prevention

We provide the following services to meet the need for total recovery. Please contact us for prices.